How to Make Money Playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG is one of the most Popular Game nowadays, people of every age group love to play PUBG. But very few people know that you can make money by just playing PUBG. You just need a mobile phone in which you play the game and some good skill, that’s all.

PUBG Mobile

Streaming PUBG Mobile on YouTube

Currently PUBG Mobile is one of the most watched games around the world on YouTube, people love to see PUBG game play. You can create a YouTube Gaming Channel where you upload your PUBG Mobile game play videos, also you can live stream your game on YouTube. With live streaming you can easily grow your gaming YouTube channel subscribers. You can also make more money from live streaming on YouTube then regular video uploads because YouTube pay more for live streaming videos due to live streaming are longer than normal videos and you can place ads manually wherever you want.

Streaming PUBG Mobile on Twitch

You can also stream your PUBG on Twitch and earn good income each month. There are multiple ways to monetize your Twitch channels.

For example

  • Sponsorship’s
  • Donations
  • Video ads
  • Affiliate links
  • Twitch subscriptions
  • Selling t-shirts and other merchandise

Playing PUBG in Tournaments

You can also participate in tournaments, if you win, you will get a reward with the cash prizes. Tournaments are not only able you to win a reward by playing PUBG but also enhanced you gaming skills. Some best tournaments websites are and

PUBG on Facebook

You can earn money with your PUBG game play videos on Facebook. You can monetize your videos on Facebook, so create a page on Facebook, upload your game play videos and start building your audience. As you know people like and enjoying watching PUBG gaming video therefor you can easily make a large audience. You can also share videos where you teach people PUBG pro techniques and tricks.

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