How to make money as a pet sitter?

If you like animals than you can make hundreds of dollars with Pet sitting. If you are an animal lover you can turn your hobby into a full-scale business.

What is the pet sitting?

In simple words pet sitters get paid to baby-sit pets. Sometimes they take care pets while the owners are at work, some time while the owners are out-of the town for a vacation and some time when owners need a pet-free day.

A pet sitter’s responsibility is to watch the pet, maintain a healthy and safe environment at all times. He should know what the animal eats, where they play, what they like or dislike.

How Much Can pet sitters Make Each Month?

How much money you can make as a pet sitter depends on a lot of things. Like your geographic location and amount of the time you put into it. Before starting the job, you have to decide is whether you want to get paid hourly, by the day or even a weekly rate. How much you charge it demands on the area you providing your services in, some rich areas where people can afford pet sitters charge $100/hour.

How Do You Get Started as A Pet Sitter?

Told your friends to spread the word if they know anyone that wants a good pet sitter. Create a website, Facebook page put your pet sitting services list there so that people can contact you if they need your services. There are many site’s that offers daytime and overnight jobs for pet sitters.

You can find pet sitting jobs pretty much any type of animal.

The site offers daytime, also overnight jobs and offer good rates.

This is an international site that lets you create a profile for people looking for local pet sitters.

Do you need a license to be a pet sitter?

Technically, no you don’t have to have a license to be a pet sitter. But some places are very strict about licenses for dog walkers. So, its batter to check your local rules and laws.

Possible Service List
  • Dog walking
  • Dog bathes and basic grooming
  • Dog park and beach visits
  • Pick up and take to vet
  • Daily nanny dogs
  • Cat care
  • Overnight stay to take care pets

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