Make Money Selling eBooks

There are so many ways to earn money but the one we are going to discuss today is selling eBooks. You can write, publishing and sell an eBook right from your home without visiting any publishing houses.

There are some key differences between the self-publishing and the traditional publishing process in-fact marketing and selling of eBooks online is a lot simple and easy than traditional publishing. eBooks are well books but, in a format, where they can be delivered or downloaded online. There are many ways to write an eBook, you can write them yourself or employ writers.

You can write an eBook on any subject like mystery, romance, science fiction, Travel guides, how-to manuals, technology, religions just about any subject is fine as long as there is a market of ready buyers. The best thing is that you won’t have to rely on an editor or publisher telling you whether a book will be published or not. And you won’t have to rely on a bookstore to put your book on its shelves. You’re in complete control of the entire process. You are the boss and going to handle everything yourself.

Platforms for publishing eBook

When it comes to actually publishing your eBook, you have quite a few choices as to which platform to use. Here are some of the most popular platforms.


Payhip allows you to not only host your eBooks but to also create promotional campaigns with their promo tools.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the best platforms for publishing your eBook. It’s not only the most well-known, but an amazing two thirds of the eBook purchasing market is held by Amazon. Royalties for books priced from $2.99 to $9.99 are 70 percent, and outside of that range, they are 35 percent.


Selz is also a great platform to host and sell your eBooks on. Selz provides authors with a complete eCommerce solution, marketing tools and resources.